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My Other Art Links            Artwork of Virgil C. Stephens MAIN WEBSITE   Artwork depicting my music, jazz, blues and other musical art      Artwork by me done strictly in pencil or conte crayon

Ruidoso Links  A site that shows you everything about Ruidoso, NM   A daily schedule of things to do in Ruidoso

Hunting and Fishing Links  Specialist in carving on antlers, gunstocks and gun metal.

Tech Links

Art and Art Education Links
Artist, Art Instructor, Sales, Virgil C. Stephens   Just a place where you can find art related stuff  One of my favorite jewelers   A Fantastic watercolor artist out of Maine 

Clothing, Furniture and Home Decor Links   A great place to find nice clothes and other things

Fun Links   This is for all you Globe High School folks where I went to school

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