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My address is:  Virgil C. Stephens
HC 67 Box 55
Nogal, NM 88341 is my main website~

Our phone number is (575)354-3352 and our google voice phone number is (505)750-7141 (this phone number is a google voice phone number. It's a bit different than a normal phone call, so be patient, follow the instructions when making a call or leave me a message and it will show up in our email.  Please leave your return phone number so I can get back with you)
If in doubt... email me!  I always get my emails


Our shipping charge is pretty simple for U.S. Purchases, its FREE!
All other countries pays exact shipping.

Out of country...Contact me and I'll help you order.

To place an order with us, you have 3 choices

1.) You can order directly from the pages by clicking on "add to cart" which will take you to a secure e-commerce website called Pay Pal.  I have been using Pay Pal for 6 years with no issues.  It's the preferred web based program on the internet and very user friendly.

2.) You can call our home and order using a credit card.  We take Visa/MC Discover Card & American Express.  Our google voice phone number is (505) 750-7141  If you get a message, we will return your call.  Be sure to visit our schedule to see if we are out of town.

3.)   You can send us the order thru the mail at our address; Virgil C. Stephens, HC 67 Box 55, Nogal, NM 88341

All Sales are final so please be responsible and be sure you love and want the artwork prior to clicking the purchase button!

If you are in a hurry or want a hassle free way to order, I suggest the first option "Pay Pal".  If you are not familiar with it, you will probably love it.

If you have any further questions or comments, please don't hesitate to call or email us.  Our email address is



Procedure for damaged art on arrival

Shipping limitations:   Large format works will require freight. All shipping and handling costs on all items will be paid by the customer prior to shipment.    To tube means that the canvas is rolled into a mailing tube and shipped.  You will then be responsible for the matting, or stretching of canvas and/or framing on your end.  Shipping the art in a tube will economize your shipping and handling costs and actually may provide better protection for the art work in many circumstances. 

 I only ship Canvas Giclee's in tubes, all paper prints and original artwork are shipped flat. 

 Prints are protected by first wrapping them in paper, then padding them in foam core, then packing them in cardboard. I have had only 4 damaged prints in 25 years.  This form of shipping is working. Originals are packed and shipped by a shipping company that is local here my my town. They are insured, and shipped UPS.

Lost or damaged shipments: (It seldom happens, but just in case:) 
1.  You must notify me immediately that your item has been recieved in a damaged condition.  Please use the phone or email to make this notification.  If you fail to notify me, the claim for damaged goods may be denied, due to the carrier's policies and not mine.  If certain procedures are not followed when the damage is found, the carrier may refuse to pay the claim.
2.  You must be prepared to hold the shipment in the original container for the
inspector for the Postal Service,  UPS or other carrier.  The shipping carrier will handle the return of the goods to me, and you should not have to pay for these return costs.
What happens if the artwork is out of stock?

The artwork is never out of stock unless it's a sold out edition and in that case, it will not be available on the website

How long does it take to receive my artwork?
Thats a loaded question... under normal circumstances, if we are home when the artwork is ordered, you should have it in three days.  If we are out of town, it will take a bit longer.  If you order and I am out of town, I will either call you or email you promptly!  I will let you know when the art will be shipped out

Thank You in advance for appreciating and purchasing my artwork!  Virgil.............

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